About Us

​Educology Solutions (ESI), headquartered in the District of Columbia, was founded in 2008 by Robin Appia, President & CEO. With experience in the Federal IT industry prior to starting the company, she quickly realized that achieving government agencies mission goals required a well-trained, end-user workforce to support the increasingly complex technologies being implemented in their environments. Armed with that knowledge, Robin started ESI to bridge the education gap between the users and technology.

Since that time, ESI has evolved into an exceptional IT services company and continues to grow by employing highly skilled subject matter experts, technical specialists, and trainers; implementing strong quality management, and ensuring that all solutions developed are in alignment with our clients’ missions.

Over the past decade, ESI has received numerous industry awards, achieved exponential growth, and attained valuable certifications and appraisals for process excellence.


We modernize and transform public sector services to create a digital first experience by helping our clients create unified environments for development, continuous delivery, continuous integration, automation, security, and management.


Enabling digital transformation by providing flexible solutions that accelerate the transition.


Employees first, customer always

Our people are our most important asset. Satisfied employees result in cohesive teams, collaborative ideation, better solutions, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

You can’t manage, what you don’t measure

We want to know that we are doing things right and doing the right thing. We use analytics to support service delivery and improve quality and outcomes for our projects, business practices, and policies.

Mission driven leadership

Our leaders bring experience, excitement, and energy to align everyone towards a common cause. We look for leaders who can articulate why we exist, evangelize our plan for the future, and speak to the role each employee plays on that journey.

Everyone matters

Diversity and inclusion are powerful enabler of business performance and even more critical during a crisis. We are more creative and innovative because of diversity which helps us identify and anticipate shifting consumer needs and prepare for the future.