About Us

Robin Appia, President & CEO, founded Educology Solutions (ESI) in 2008. Drawing on her experience in the Federal IT industry, Robin recognized the urgent need for a well-trained end-user workforce to support the complex technologies used in government agencies. This realization inspired her to establish ESI, with the goal of bridging the educational gap between technology users and the systems they operate.

Since its inception, ESI has grown into a distinguished IT services provider by recruiting highly skilled subject matter experts, technical specialists, and trainers. The company emphasizes robust quality management and closely aligns all solutions with client missions. Over the past decade, ESI earned numerous industry awards, experienced significant growth, and secured several key certifications and appraisals recognizing its process excellence.


Our mission is to modernize and transform public sector services into a digital-first experience. We assist our clients in creating cohesive environments that support development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, security, and management.


Our vision is to be a catalyst for digital transformation, empowering organizations with innovative, flexible solutions that streamline their journey into the digital future.


Employees first, customer always

We consider our team our most valuable asset. By ensuring our employees are fulfilled and engaged, we foster a collaborative and innovative environment that leads to superior solutions and heightened customer satisfaction.

You can’t manage, what you don’t measure

We strive to ensure that our actions are both correct and effective. By leveraging analytics, we enhance service delivery and elevate the quality and outcomes of our projects, business practices, and policies.

Mission driven leadership

Our leaders are seasoned and dynamic, energizing our team by aligning efforts toward a shared purpose. We seek leaders who clearly articulate our mission, champion our vision for the future, and define the critical role each employee plays in our collective journey.

Everyone matters

Diversity and inclusion are vital for enhancing business performance, especially in times of crisis. Our creativity and innovation stem from our diverse perspectives, enabling us to anticipate and adapt to changing consumer needs and prepare effectively for the future.