Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting today’s digital environments requires the full spectrum of cybersecurity and cyberspace operation. Emerging threats require innovative cyber protection and the protection of systems and the information they host is of critical importance to every organization’s mission success and our national security posture.

Our expertise in cybersecurity answers the challenges of our complex and continually evolving cyberspace. We plan and integrate cybersecurity with consistent threat monitoring programs and integrated cyber defense solutions that ensure the highest confidence that your network is defended, monitored, and compliant.

Cyber Solutions Include

Risk Management

Security is a risk analysis and management activity starting with a successful system authorization to operate (ATO) and proper alignment to the Risk Management Framework (RMF). We provide services in continuous monitoring and ongoing authorizations, risk and vulnerability assessments, threat and vulnerability management, and FISMA compliance and reporting.

Cyber Operations

Securing enterprise networks requires 24/7/365 vigilance. Our experienced cyber specialists possess deep knowledge of adversaries, their motives, techniques, and tactics to develop an effective cyber posture. Through Cyber Operations team we develop strategies to continuously identify, monitor, and prevent cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Cyber threat actors approach an attack by exploring all potential points of entry to test and eventually uncover weak spots in your cybersecurity wall of defense. We develop targeted and comprehensive testing programs to achieve your testing objectives. The findings within our reports come with actionable roadmaps for remediation to address gaps, implement patches, and mature your organization’s security.