Training Solutions

Change and transformation present immense opportunities for organizations to respond creatively to the uncertainty. A decisive response to competitive change deploys a well-prepared workforce armed with relevant, effectively delivered learning.

Employees need effective, ongoing training to stay motivated and productive and our comprehensive managed learning services provide those best-in-class solutions to structure and optimize your learning and development efforts and provide resources to scale learning. We offer customized virtual and in-person training and professional development sessions focused on preparing your workforce to implement and effect change in the organization.

Training Solutions Include

Training Design & Development

Employees are the biggest and most important asset that an organization can have, and it is paramount to invest in their growth and overall experience. We provide an array of learning solutions to address challenges that our clients face, and we begin by understanding our client’s unique environments, challenges, requirements, and transformational goals. Then provide a customized learning and performance solution to help employees become more efficient, effective, and productive.

Training Delivery

Specialized training delivery experts can increase the value and results of your synchronous training programs. Our network of facilitators and trainers have a broad spectrum of subject matter expertise to fulfill training needs at any time. We have designed curriculum and delivered training (in person and virtual), covering a multitude of topics, for more than 10,000 professionally diverse adult learners.

Software Release Training

The moment your employees become comfortable with a new system, technology, or software, another one is on the horizon. This continuous evolution is necessary to improve services and remain competitive, but it can be very frustrating for employees who will be the early adopters and enablers of change. We work with clients to identify roles and responsibilities of all learners, organizational and individual skill gaps, processes, and workflow that are detrimental to learning objectives of the new system.

Red Hat Certified Training

As Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) continues to proliferate, development, provisioning, and standardization requires increased knowledge and skills to strengthen the stability and usability of the infrastructure. As a Certified Red Hat Business Partner, we provide clients with access to certified Red Hat training to help them become Red Hat technology experts. The comprehensive portfolio of courses teaches customers to resolve issues faster, reduce downtime, and boost return on investment through solution-focused coursework that complements different roles and unique learning styles.